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The Situation

The Fiesta Bowl organization plays host to two major college football Bowl Games in Arizona. They came to OH with a need to create content leading up to the games, as well as appeal to Fiesta Bowl sponsors with by effectively engaging with consumers via Social Media.

The Solution

OH cultivated relationships with the Fiesta Bowl Sponsorship team and representatives from each sponsor to curate fresh, timely, and--most importantly--sponsorable content . This ignited the rapid production of unique videos, exciting contests, and engaging creative content to relay messages that captured the Fiesta Bowl brand and its sponsors' brands.

The Success

Through strategic content integration, sponsors saw posts reach 45% more people and activate 31% more engaged users compared to previous sponsored content on the page. In addition to the remarkable success with our social media efforts, our Public Relations team was able to generate a whopping 108 billion in total reach with an estimated total PR value of more than $115 million. A stunt to create the longest continuous high-five chain alone created 850,000 impressions.

In 2017 OH Partners and the Fiesta Bowl expect to put up even bigger numbers on the board.