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The Situation

From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more, and more rapidly, than at any other time in life. And while genetics plays a significant role, scientific research has made clear that the quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years of life – positive or negative – helps shape how their brain develops. And that these experiences have lasting impact on their health and ability to learn and succeed in school and in life.

Studies have shown that babies who experience more of these types of positive interactions will go on to be healthier and more successful in school and in life. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well. Young children who are deprived of caring interaction do not develop as many brain connections, and that has negative, lasting impact.

But the challenge is that many parents don’t understand how vital it is to engage with their children to ensure their brains develop in the best possible way. So it was up to OH Partners to create messaging designed to communicate this fact and do it in a way that didn’t demean or blame the parents for not knowing.

The Solution

Instead of creating “How-to” messaging, the OH Partners’ team honed-in on what the future could hold for children whose brains were cultivated in those important early years.

The TV featured parents and their young children interacting in a way that demonstrated active learning. Building a building out of blocks. Counting “Cheerios,” etc. But with a twist.

While the voiceover explained how early learning was important, a “Graduation cap” was drawn over the top of the head’s of the children. It was a clever way to give the parents a vision of what the future could hold for their child if they did the same thing as the people on camera.

The client was extremely pleased with the final product and the positive response from the community, and caregivers, alike, has been impressive.