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The Situation

Sedona has long been considered one of the most awe-inspiring places to visit and sightsee. However, sales and bed tax revenues had been lagging following the recession and it was time to take a fresh look at Sedona’s marketing efforts.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with the Sedona marketing team, Owens Harkey helped identify and attract a new breed of Sedona travelers. These more sophisticated, affluent, and upscale consumers would be more likely to spend extra leisure time, and money, in the town, helping the local economy in the process. Families, retirees, and other key demographics were identified as target audiences and OH set its ongoing plan into action.

During its long relationship with Sedona, OH has employed a wide range of tactics to attract visitors and help local hotels and businesses. Over the years OH has provided strategic support including media buying, interactive, creative, video production, strategy, account services, public relations, and social media consulting.

In the past year, PR has played a key role in Sedona’s marketing efforts. Each year, journalists visit the most beautiful city on earth to report on adventure, food/dining, scenic views, and arts and culture. Owens Harkey developed a media outreach plan based on key events, seasonal views, dining experiences and activities unique to the area. Each month has short lead and long lead goals based on editorial calendars from key publications and reporter needs. This systematic approach has helped increase the Chamber’s publicity value by 30 percent over the past year

This combination of marketing efforts came to a crest in 2014 when OH produced the award-winning “Sedona Skies” video. With PR efforts supporting the video, “Sedona Skies” has received nearly 70,000 views and won numerous awards including:

  • Gold ADDY: Best Original with Music and Lyric
  • Bronze Telly Award
  • Gold Prize: Destination Video category, 2014 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards.

Today OH continues to help Sedona drive its marketing needs. Most recently, the OH team led a week-long video and photo shoot to capture the breathtaking natural scenery and tell the brand story for families looking to vacation in a place where they can’t help but make unforgettable memories. The team captured more than 7,000 photos and shot more than 50 hours of 4K video for TV, online, and other video needs. OH also captured the bird’s eye view of Sedona by flying its agency drone during the shoot.

The Success

Sedona continues to grow its goodwill and garner an impressive amount of national recognition due in no small part to the proactive branding and creative efforts of Owens Harkey and its hands-on collaboration with the Sedona team. Here are some of the recent distinctions that Sedona has earn:

  • BuzzFeed – listed Sedona as #1 underrated U.S. vacation spot
  • Conde Nast Traveler – listed Sedona as the top destination to make the best first impression – and the place where visitors want to return
  • 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Winner