Sedona always encourages visitors to Unplug and Reconnect in one of the most magical places on the planet.

Our favorite Chief Fun Officer, Windfall Willie, hard at work in this Social Media cinemagraph.

This brand collateral concept is one of the many reasons Gila River Gaming Enterprises trusts OH Partners with its business

We are honored to tell inspiring stories like Yvonne’s, a medical assistant and a cancer survivor at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

OH helped Phoenix Children’s Hospital brand their inaugural charity run. It’s always rewarding to create work for a good cause, and there’s none more deserving than PCH.

A game this big needed a partner that can do it all—Creative, Social Media, PR, and on and on. You name it, OH delivers it.

OH got its galoshes on and trekked to the Baraboo River in Wisconsin to tell the award-winning story of Driftless Glen Distillery.

OH took an award-winning dive into animated waters with this eegee's TV spot.

Chief Fun Officer, Windfall Willie, hard at work in print introducing the Arizona Lottery Ultimate Millions Scratchers®.

We let Jonathan tell his story of life at master planned community of Inspirada in this newspaper print ad.

Just looking at the custom lettering is enough to make your mouth water.

This fun and approachable campaign was designed to help parents in underserved communities understand the importance of early childhood development.

OH was proud to reintroduce, Windfall Willie, Chief Fun Officer at the Arizona Lottery.

The first ever Cardinals Scratchers® campaign called for a BIG celebration.

The delicious and icy concoction is now a fan favorite at eegee’s restaurants thanks in part to an impressive branding effort by our design team.

OH put together a stacked roster of marketing pros to speak about the X’s and O’s of the business.

It never hurts to show off award winning work from the Most Beautiful Place On Earth

With New Year’s Resolutions in full swing all over Tucson, this January campaign made eegee’s the best way to keep off the pounds in 2016.

A hidden gem like Rocky Point can’t stay hidden forever. This fun outdoor ad made Puerto Penasco a must-visit Spring Break destination.

For the Master Planned community of Inspirada, we let the residents share their stories of living Life Inspired.

The OH design team conceived a clean, vibrant label design to help Power On stand out on store shelves.

When The Shop in Tempe creates a custom brew just for you, you know you’ve made it.

With a destination as beautiful as Sedona, it’s best to let the vistas speak for themselves.

You can tell the artist truly loved his subject when creating this Ode to Hotdogs.

The OH website is much happier in portrait mode.