Daddy’s Chicken Shack has been buzzing around the office lately, and there is a good reason for that. Daddy’s Chicken Shack and O.H. Partners recently teamed up to launch Daddy’s Chicken Shack’s first Arizona restaurant location. Owned and operated by an Arizona native and nationally recognized business leader, Dave Liniger, the founder of global real estate franchise RE/MAX, Daddy's Chicken Shack is the entrepreneur's newest venture--and the Valley's newest chicken spot.

As Daddy's Chicken Shack prepared for its grand opening, our Public Relations team developed a strategic plan to create a buzz in the local community. We understood the importance of generating excitement and curiosity around the new restaurant, ensuring it stood out from the competition. Leveraging our expertise in PR and media relations, we crafted compelling story angles highlighting the unique aspects of Daddy's Chicken Shack's offerings, emphasizing its menu options, high quality ingredients and brand story.

For example: Founded by a chef-to-the-celebrities, Pace Webb, Daddy's Chicken Shack's selection of chicken sandwiches boasts a fresh approach to traditional fried chicken with its Southeast Asian twist. Inspired by Webb's husband's Japanese heritage, Daddy's Chicken Shack's menu features its Big Daddy sandwich consisting of napa slaw and sriracha mayo, while its Spicy Daddy features sambal, cilantro, and ginger mayo. For dessert, the restaurant offers handmade salted miso chocolate chip cookies. Now, with its first Arizona location, Daddy's Chicken Shack is serving up a Southwest Daddy as an ode to the desert and our Southwest cuisine. 

Our savvy team of PR professionals brought the fire and meticulously reached out to local and national media outlets, sharing the exciting news about Daddy's Chicken Shack's grand opening in Scottsdale, AZ. Our efforts resulted in an impressive wave of earned media coverage. More than 60 stories were published during the restaurant's soft opening and grand opening, spanning a total of two weeks. Daddy’s Chicken Shack was featured across various platforms, locally and nationally, including TV, newspapers, online publications, food blogs, and restaurant and franchise industry magazines (just to give you a taste). The coverage praised the restaurant's flavorful chicken dishes, emphasized its family-friendly atmosphere, and highlighted the franchise's new ownership under the founder of RE/MAX. The earned media coverage totaled a publicity value of more than $200,000 and an audience reach of more than 65 million. 

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Here is a taste of the articles secured through our earned media coverage efforts: 

Nation’s Restaurant News

Scottsdale Independent Newspaper


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