How to Transition to
Google Analytics 4

(and Keep Your Historical Data from Universal Analytics)

Using OHIQ, An Aggregated Analytics and Reporting Tool

Google is sunsetting its previous analytics tool, Universal Analytics (UA), after launching its new event-based analytics platform called Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in its place. While this could lead to a loss of historical data and disrupted data continuity, we have a solution that provides a view of all data, including data from Universal Analytics, as long as it’s connected prior to July 1, 2024, the official shutdown date.

A Simple Solve: OHIQ

Even though GA4 is an improvement from UA, it’s still riddled with complications that make viewing reports and analyzing data difficult. These include a lack of filtering options, confusing jargon, communication options with Google’s customer support, and no option to whitelabel, among other things.

With OHIQ, data for all media placements is easily visualized, analyzed, and safely stored. It’s also a failsafe if (and when) Google upgrades its system in the future: brands that utilize OHIQ have confidence that their data is safe, accessible, and located in one convenient place.

OHIQ is Flexible

Share features allow users to quickly download and share PDF or image versions of dashboards with colleagues. OHIQ also allows users to schedule screenshots ahead of time for even quicker reporting.

OHIQ is Intuitive

GA4 users know that it can be difficult to precisely filter the date range on your reports, especially to compare between two periods. OHIQ has a much more intuitive date picker that is also functional on mobile devices. Custom date range views can be added for reports pulled frequently, such as this quarter vs last quarter.

OHIQ is Convenient

One of the major differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 is the removal of the Bounce Rate metric. OHIQ still has Bounce Rate plus the new “Engaged Session” metric, allowing transition time for stakeholders to understand the new metric. We also include a Data Dictionary on all our dashboards as a quick reference guide to industry-specific jargon.

OHIQ is more than website analytics—our proprietary software aggregates reporting across all channels to provide accurate and actionable insights on both online and offline channels.

OHIQ Dashboard

Easy access to all data,
not just some

Data from digital platforms is automatically gathered and integrated into the platform through APIs, while offline data from TV and radio is entered promptly after receiving information from vendors.

Unlock insights and improve ROI

With 24/7 access, brands can plan campaigns with the optimal media mix, lower costs, increase ROI, and more effectively reach benchmarks.

Customized dashboards
and reports

OHIQ dashboards can be customized and white-labeled according to brand standards, including color, logo, copy, and more.

Safe and secure

Historical data is stored in a secure warehouse with SOC II security standards and utilizes the highest level of encryption available through our data engineering partner, ChannelMix.