Like most companies, creative agencies are constantly striving to deliver innovative and impactful work for their clients. However, amidst the chaos of deadlines, brainstorming sessions, and day-to-day demands, it is easy for agencies to lose sight of their purpose and unique identity. This is where core values come into play. Core values serve as guiding principles that define the essence of an agency and help it stay focused, cohesive, and successful in delivering outstanding results. In this article, we’ll explore why core values are important and define the values that drive O.H. Partner

Why Core Values Are Important

They Provide Unity and Alignment

Core values act as a unifying force, serving as a common ground for employees to rally around. They foster a sense of shared purpose and a strong team spirit.

They Help Strengthen Client Relationships

Clients are more likely to choose an agency whose core values align with their own. By consistently delivering work that reflects their values, agencies can build trust and credibility with clients, leading to long-lasting partnerships and repeat business.

They Provide Points of Differentiation

Values are part of defining the agency's personality and can significantly contribute to successful positioning in a crowded market.

They Play a Role in Employee Engagement and Retention

Attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. Employees who connect with an agency's core values are more engaged, motivated, and invested in their work. 

They Serve as a Source of Stability

Core values act as a compass, providing a constant guiding framework no matter what kind of challenges may arise. 

O.H. Partners Core Values

Our core values are a clear summation of who we are, what we stand for, and what can be expected in our interactions with employees, clients, and others we may partner with. We are proud to share them and live by them, every day.

Core Value 1: We Bring the Fire

This job isn’t always easy but we love every minute of it.

  • We love what we do and our passion for the business fuels us to work hard every day
  • We push ourselves and each other by constantly improving our skillsets to excel in our craft,
  • We don’t shy away from tough challenges, we find creative ways to solve problems
  • We’re dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others

Core Value 2: We Collaborate

Work is way more fun when you have people to enjoy it with.

  • We tackle challenges as a team - with each other and our clients
  • We recognize that good ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their position
  • We strive to maintain a welcoming community and don’t have time for assholes or jerks
  • We respect and protect our team members, valuing behavior over actions

Core Value 3: We Stay Driven

Curiosity leads to learning and learning leads to growing.

  • Every day, we strive to be better than yesterday knowing that we are only as good as our next idea
  • We are constantly seeking new ways to improve ourselves, our work, and our way of doing business
  • We know that in order to stay nimble in our drive, transparency within communications is key
  • When it comes to excellence, there is no end point

Core Value 4: We Rally

To rally is to rise. 

  • When things get tough, we work harder
  • We unite to support each other’s efforts, no matter what
  • We’re always willing to go the extra mile. Or two
  • We’re committed to doing what’s best for our clients and our teammates - and we’ll do whatever it takes to reach our shared goals

Core Value 5: We Dare

The biggest growth happens in uncomfortable places.

  • We empower our team to make bold decisions and are comfortable being uncomfortable
  • We take risks and pivot when necessary
  • We lean into each other’s strengths because they are what allow us to think differently and challenge convention 
  • We encourage standing out from the crowd

Want to learn more about how we put our core values to work? Contact us and we will set up a time to connect.