Marketing pioneer John Wanamaker infamously said, “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” Like great ad copy, this quote sticks because it rings true to marketers and C-suite executives. We all wonder how the billboard, sponsorship, or third retargeting ad impacted our customers. How can we identify waste, optimize spending, and achieve better results for our clients?

No one had the tool to answer this question… so we built it ourselves. 

OHIQ, a proprietary Marketing Impact Modeling tool built by O.H. Partners, gives brands 24/7 access to the advertising analytics they need to know to make important business decisions. Typically only available to the world’s largest advertisers in patchwork form, we believe these tools should be available to every brand, and with the help of AI, we’ve cracked the code to create an affordable yet highly customizable solution.

Questions OHIQ Can Answer

  • How might my media perform this year if the "cost per" (e.g. cost per click, cost per purchase, etc.) for each level of the funnel remains the same as last year?
  • Can I increase revenue year over year without increasing ad spend? And what is a reasonable revenue goal?
  • Do I recommend increasing the paid media budget? If so, where are the best places to put it?

An Aggregate Tool That Gives Insight Into Traditional Media

OHIQ unlocks insights from traditional and digital media, giving brands confidence in dialing in their media mix. You heard that right—from billboards to transit advertising and everything in between, OHIQ provides data and analytics on out of home advertising, delivering valuable insights and visibility into traditional media placements that typically can’t be accessed. OHIQ is an aggregate tool that pulls data from all forms of media, allowing brands to have a full picture of their media mix, spend, and analytics.

How OHIQ Can Work For Your Brand

OHIQ securely connects marketing data to website and first-party data. Your revenue forecasting dashboard uses a custom-built AI model across all available platforms (online, offline, sales data, etc.) to find the media mix that best fits your campaign needs and channel preferences. This AI-powered tool is used to:

  • Plan campaigns with the optimal media mix
  • Lower costs
  • Increase return on ad spend
  • Reach benchmarks more effectively

With OHIQ, your dashboards are live 24/7, allowing you to explore those hunches, make data-based decisions, and drive results for your organization. We’re your partner along the journey, but we built this product so you don’t have to wait a month to see the data.

It’s time advertising gets real-time with actual data and measurable business impact. OHIQ is designed for CMOs to bring the data CFOs have been looking for and market with confidence.

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