A sea of red, Usher performing at halftime, and a chance to see Taylor Swift after every Travis Kelce play (if she can make it from her concert in Tokyo in time, but that’s a conversation for the Swifties)—Super Bowl LVIII is sure to be packed with excitement as the first-ever game hosted in Las Vegas. But when you’re ad nerds like us (or just a fan of creative advertising), you take your bathroom breaks during the game to ensure you don’t miss the most important content of the entire year: the Super Bowl ads. This year, we asked our departments what they’re expecting during the Big Game.

What Advertising Trends Do You Predict for Super Bowl LVIII?


“Last year, we saw several brands lean into nostalgia (John Travolta and the Scrubs guys for T-Mobile, Rakuten had a nod to Clueless with Alicia Silverstone). I think that trend will continue this year, especially with the beer companies. Budweiser is bringing back the Clydesdales, and after the Bud Light controversy last year, I think all beer companies are going to play it safe.”

“I think we're going to see a lot of sports betting ads with major celebrities and sports figures. Companies have already been running teaser ads quite a bit, so I think that's going to be a prominent category. We may also see brands making jokes about AI.”

“I've heard rumors that none other than ‘Allan’ himself, Michael Cera, will be starring in a commercial for CeraVe. So I'm pretty excited about that - because who doesn't love Allan? Speaking of Michael Cera, I think integrating social media stunts prior to the game will be something more brands will try this year. Michael Cera was captured by an influencer out writing his name on lotion bottles in public, Tyra Banks appeared courtside at a Knicks game between two furries, and Gronk and John Cena are back again for the ‘Fan Duel Kick of Destiny’ half-time stunt.”

“Lots of money spent on celebrities and pop songs. Few actually really good ideas.”

Taylor Swift has probably been too busy with her Eras Tour and definitely doesn't need the money, and although it's unlikely, I wouldn't be surprised if she were to make it into an ad. There honestly isn't a bigger name in NFL football this year, and I have no doubt more than one company approached her about it.”

“It's the year of celebrities. It's all I’m reading about. And why not? It harkens back to the good old days, and these days there's a lot of celebrity power.”

Client Service

“I think this year the trend will be light and funny. The world is a stressful place, and people are escaping with entertainment, including watching the Super Bowl. I think people will want to continue to be entertained during the ad breaks and, of course, the halftime show.”

“There will be ads that make us pause for important cause-messaging, like the spot for awareness of Jewish and other hate groups (Stop Hate). I would also not be surprised if we see some political ads as well, as there were some during the playoffs.”

“Celebrity cameos, of course, along with brands referencing culture, trends, or most talked about movies from the past year such as Barbie or Saltburn.”


“I am looking forward to seeing what the usual advertisers will come up with this year… Budweiser bringing back the Clydesdales, Jenna Ortega  reppin' Doritos, Allison Rae and the resurgence of Nerds, Chris Pratt and Pringles. Rideshares and food delivery apps are continuing to grow in popularity, so it'll be interesting to see who shows up.”

“I am looking forward to seeing which local advertisers buy into the big game. I am guessing it'll be education, health-focused, banking, hospitality, or maybe none of those! That's the beauty of the Super Bowl.”

Social Media

“We're most excited to see which brands have teams on deck to react and publish real-time content, whether the brand has a Super Bowl ad or not. Brands that authentically insert themselves into relevant social conversations will cut through the sheer volume of social content. As a bonus, we're excited to see which brands pivot in the days following the game to build on any momentum generated.”

“This year I predict we'll see commercials that feel like they were filmed on an iPhone and which follow quick pacing, camera pans, and whips that are popular for vertical videos seen on TikTok and Instagram Reels. This style can feel more accessible and stripped down, lending an ‘authentic’ feeling compared to traditional big budget commercials with impressive production that we're used to seeing during the Super Bowl.”

Public Relations

“I feel like we might see a bit of nostalgia during some of the commercials. Maybe some remakes of iconic ads from the past? Brands have been tapping into nostalgia as an ongoing trend and ways to connect with a broad audience and create a sense of familiarity.”

Beauty brands have upped their investments in the Super Bowl as women’s viewership increases: Fenty Beauty and OLEHENRIKSEN created campaigns for the big game in 2023 and are back for more. e.l.f. Cosmetics is making its national debut featuring its product that went viral on TikTok, Halo Glow Liquid Filter. NYX Professional Makeup will make its Super Bowl debut. According to a press release, the spot will ‘tackle the traditionally male-dominated industry by celebrating the power of women.’ And Dove is returning to the Super Bowl after a 14-year hiatus, partnering with Nike for a 30-second ad that will focus on promoting body confidence and encouraging girls to stay in sports.”

“Taylor Swift fans are coming out of the woods and into the end zone. Whether you love her or hate her, her romance with Travis Kelce is impacting the NFL and its audiences. More importantly, her presence is influencing the way brands insert themselves into the conversation–I expect this to continue not only during the Big Game but leading up to Super Bowl LVIII and after. This is a big opportunity for brands who aren’t in the prime time ads to activate with real-time brand engagement and storytelling.”

What Brand(s) Do You Look Forward to Seeing Each Year?


“I always like the car ads. They're often epic brand spots with solid copywriting and storytelling. Chrysler's ‘Imported from Detroit’ ad from several years ago is a great example. On the flip side, I also like the snack companies (Doritos, Pepsi, M&Ms). They typically have big-name celebrities and lean into humor. They're simply amusing and in this context, that's all they need to be.”

“I've seen the preview for DoorDash, and they're taking a big swing this year. One lucky person will win everything else that is advertised during the Super Bowl door dashed to them. I love that concept; it's so meta.”

E-Trade talking baby ads have been one of my favorites for several years. It's always a mix of cute and funny that is hard to resist. Kids really do say the darndest things.”

“The Vince Vaughn and Tom Brady commercials are a big hit with me. Clever dialogue, and Vaughn is the perfect actor to make fun at Brady.”

Client Service

“I am most looking forward to all of the candy ads this year. Lindt just announced they will be advertising (best chocolate ever!), M&Ms and Reese’s should be fun as well. And Nerds is debuting their spot, which should be interesting.”

“Progressive and Alexa (hilarious), Budweiser (because of the puppies and the horses), and BetMGM because they are a brand partner for one of our clients, Gila River Resorts & Casinos.”

“I am really curious to see how Dove’s ad in partnership with Nike turns out, and the ad for e.l.f. Cosmetics. And with the Kansas Chiefs in the game, there may be more women-oriented ads due to projected increased viewership of young women just to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift in the stands (well, the box).”

Social Media

“The Clydesdales are back, baby! Budweiser's iconic draft horses first appeared in its advertising in 1933 and made their Super Bowl debut in 1986, and it will be their 46th Super Bowl appearance. They're majestic and evoke a nostalgic and sentimental feeling.”

“Of course, there are certain brands we expect to be successful on social media, but our team will be paying more attention to the social platforms and where audiences are focusing their attention. Last year, we saw a significant increase in TikTok activity from both brands and general users, and we're expecting that momentum to continue. That said, the Super Bowl is the ultimate cultural moment and provides a unique opportunity to see where audiences are scrolling with limited time and all platforms fighting for attention.”

Public Relations

“As a PR professional, I don’t look forward to specific brands, I look forward to their storytelling. With increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility, PR pros should examine how brands integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their Super Bowl campaigns. Ads that highlight these values can positively influence public perception.”

“Brands often use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to address current social and cultural issues. PR professionals should be on the lookout for ads that navigate these topics with sensitivity and authenticity. Brands that align themselves with relevant social issues can build positive public perceptions.”

“I always look forward to Doritos! They have the funniest and most memorable ads coming out of the big game year after year!”

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